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Bug Out Bags

The ultimate innovator in knotting and paracord - J.D. Lenzen
Check out his site http://www.fusionknots.com and and his latest book for which I wrote the foreword!

Paracord Fusion Ties - Volume 2: Survival Ties, Pouches, Bars, Snake Knots, and Sinnets


Checkout a great site by a great friend - Suburban Self Reliance!
"The overall goal of Suburban Self-Reliance (SSR) is to help those of us living in the suburbs to realize that increased self reliance is possible.  Many times when the topic of self reliance is discussed, the setting is usually a rural area with several acres of land.  Unfortunately, some of us simply do not have that opportunity at the moment.  For one reason or another, we live in suburbia and will continue to live here.  However, just because we live in the suburbs does not mean we cannot become more self reliant."

Thought I had the paracord king, Stormdrane on here already but just noticed I didn't. Checkout this blog for amazing work, he's been a big help to me!
A great lanyard maker and paracord artist is Ken Cardwel. A fellow Usual Suspects forum member, Ken has given me valuable feedback on my work! Check out his site:
Truly awesome, custom hand-made (in the USA) knives!
Bushcraft UK - forum to discuss bushcraft (outdoors, knives, fire, DIY craft, shelter, survival skills)
My other favorite online forums, I've met great people on all of them and learned many, many useful things:
http://www.survivalistboards.com/ (I'm "Paracordist" there)
http://usualsuspect.net/ (I'm "The Paracordist" there)
http://www.bladeforums.com/ (I'm "Paracordist" there)
Hand sewn custom leather work - the best I've ever seen:
Michael Neiger, Lead Investigator for the Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue team has had this awesome website up for a long time. I learned may skills there, including the use of ranger pace counters in off-trail navigation. Michael is currently assisting me in the design/testing my MiBSAR edition, one-of-a-kind all paracord ranger pace counters (featured under products)!
An excellent site with excellent videos where I learned some great ways to setup a few types of tarp shelters. I even picked up some knots I didn't know!
A great and innovative tier of decorative knot designs and tutorials: