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Paracord - 550 Cord

Paracordist Creations LLC is now taking the guesswork out of your paracord purchases! We are proud to now offer you E.L. Wood's commercial 550 Para-cord - the only product I use in all my Creations! We hand coil each 100' skein in a no-tangle figure 8 pattern to ensure snag-free deployment whether you are pulling out 1' or 100' (anyone who has battled tangles while trying to pull cord off of machine rolled coils can appreciate this). Don’t be fooled by other manufacturer’s #550 with 7-cores. Many times it is made in China, with inferior materials, and will not meet the #550 pound tensile test. E.L. Wood’s 550 cord is the “real deal”! You will not be dissatisfied with this Made in the USA product! (typically shipped in 5-10 business days)

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